When you guys taking it?

This is my second time taking Level II for me, and I’m feeling fresh and hitting 80+% on all of my Uppermark Mocks, so I’m sitting March 4 to get it out of the way, how bout the rest of you?

I need as much time as possible…March 16th.

March 11 - that’s a Friday and after the exam I’m gonna party like it’s 1999.

Yeah well it’s the big weekend of Mardi Gras March 4th, so come bs essays, or fair ones I know the answers too, I’m gonna party in NOLA

That’s sick MissCleo. Rock on!

March 15th — a Tuesday. Taking Monday off for a 3 day weekend of cramming. That following Friday won’t be able to come soon enough.

I’m doing it in London on the 3rd of March. Doing it early so I can focus on CFA 2.

March 16th. I too need all the time I can get. Taking 4 days off work before exam.

September. Couldnt study because of busy job. Good luck


Did you guys use a provider or the actual books?

Both. I think the official book for the core topics is better than Schweser. But I found Schweser better than the official text for the C&I readings.