When you see me standing on the couches Turnin' clubs into houses! I paid for bottle service!

Yep the charge went to my card cuz my bitcoin friend card got declined? Lol. Anyways he said he’d pay me back in cash. Pretty cheap 500 bucks. Still! In the most literal sense, I paid for it. First time!!

I remember my first year at JPM this kid came in Monday morning all excited to tell everyone he got bottle service over the weekend. We all roasted him so bad for being the biggest toolbag. He never ate lunch with us again. Bottle service? Lmao.

My bitcoin buddy is just flaunting his self made wealth. Can’t hate on that. Anyways if he didn’t pay for it, we wouldn’t have gotten in. Dtla was too lit because of the nba all stars game. The club we got bottles in is right in front of staples center. Anyways don’t hate on a nigga buying bottles. They are the patrons keeping the club profitable. Everyone else is break even at best!

Good on you Nerdy. Saving the the world one bottle at a time. Don’t forget to tip your waitress and help those strippers pay for med school.

You’re not going to be able to pay for that G65 if you keep spending money on lapdances. Think of the shlyukhas you’ll be able to pull with that sweet ride.

lol nah I never pay for bottle service just mooch of my buddies. Besides when I was single I prefer going on the prowl, as oppose to just sitting around.