When you started getting legitimate interviews- bittersweet?

Anyone here that wanted to make the transition and when presented with the opportunity became standoffish?

I received a interview request for an application submitted mostly in curiousity of getting a bite- fundamental research at an investment manager (2-5bln AUM). Haven’t even been with my current employer for a year. If the end goal is this, fundamental analysis, might as we’ll take a leap, no? Thanks in advance.

companies have no loyalty to employees these days. don’t feel guilty at all to jump at something you want.

What is your question? First of all, don’t feel special just because you got an interview. The company is almost definitely interviewing several people for that job. They will kiss your ass, but they will kiss the ass of all candidates. So, don’t get over confident or emotionally invested.

However, there is nothing wrong with attending the interview, even if you have not been with your current employer for very long. Similarly, if you do receive a job offer that you prefer to your current job, there is nothing wrong with accepting that offer. If you do this too often, “job hopping” might become a concern, but that’s up to you to determine.

Agreed with ohai. Not sure what the big question here is.

You should always look after yourself first.

Hi everyone- thanks for the insight. The question wasn’t very clear, apologies.

It’s evident that if you’re pursuing the charter to better yourself and an opportunity presents itself it’s worth taking a look.

This and also job hopping early in your career is not as big a deal as some people think provided each job is successively better and shows a trend instead of just jumping around randomly.

^ … and you are able to put forward a convincing justification for your ‘job hopping’ (not just better pay or better terms only).

^ Also no need to be a dick towards your current/soon-to-be former employer when you quit, always try to leave on good terms if at all possible. If not possible, hopefully it’s because of them not you otherwise you’ve got some serious issues to address.

Give full notice, make efforts to ensure your workload is picked up and understood, continue to put effort into your work until your very last day.

^ I thought it was obvious to not burn your bridges.

Agreed. Definitely something to be mindful of while transitioning out.

Appreciate the insight.

Right. The story certainly is intact; we’ll have to see how things play out.

Looking fwd to the day I can begin giving back to the boards.