Where are the charter letters?

Its been a month since the results came out (19th Aug), and finally the web site was updated with the CFA letters against our names…but we are still awaiting the letters from the President to be able to use the designation… I wonder where the delay is… for candidates who are regular members before taking the Level 3 or soon afterwards and passed, I cannot understand why there cannot be a better and faster way of doing this… I have been approached for a number of positions, and I wish to update my CV but still have to avoid using the ‘magical’ letters…

Last year, charter was awarded effective Sep. 14ht and the letter was issued on October 3rd, for your information. I understand your frustration and I agree there should be better way. (Then again it is probably not a “CFAI way”.) Just a little more patience. Good luck and congrats!!

I thought the lady on the phone said as soon as we see them on the website we are good to go? Wrong?

Mr GG, local society president CCed me on an email asking this question and CFAI responded to her that you cant use the letter until you ‘graduate’ even if the directory is updated.

This has probably been asked already, but how should we express our status on our resumes if we’re just waiting for the letter? “Passed Level III of the CFA Exam”…or “Candidate for CFA Charter”…or how about “Waiting for Letters and Losing Patience”??

CFA Charter Pending Candidate. I know this because i got letter from local society addressing me as such. yer welcome

If on the website it says CFA after your name you can use the letters. I checked on this with CFAI, but feel free to waste your nickels calling yourself.

Send an e-mail to CFAI. I did… I asked if I could use the letters once I saw it on the site… I have not received a letter from them yet… Their response… --------------------------------------- CFA Institute ID# ****** Mr. miboxer96, Thank you for contacting us with your CFA charter award inquiry. We awarded the CFA charter to you on 13 September 2008. You may now begin using the designation after your name and referring to yourself as a CFA charterholder. In the near future, you will receive a letter which confirms your status as a CFA charterholder. Congratulations on your achievement! Please feel free to contact us again if you have any other questions or concerns. Warmest Regards, Meg Hunter Client Services

I just used my companies nickels to confirm you can use the letters after your name if the directory has been updated. Just changed my email sig. Next stop business cards!

I sent my management a snap shot of the directory with my designation … they accepted it. Receiving the letter is mute for me right now. Nice to use the designation after all the effort… June 2008 seemed so far away now.

Bada bing. Business cards are on the way!

I received the official Charter Letter in the mail this morning. Adios Everybody!