Where are you heading???

Guys, While we are all waiting for the result, can we discuss what area are you aiming to get into after you are through your charter or atleast after L-2 (May be it is too early :slight_smile: but always good to have a direction/focus) And how easy or difficult it is get into that area. Few areas I could think of - Quantitative analysis - Trading - Structuring - Private Equity - Venture Capital - Hedge Funds (Equity or Fixed Income) - M & A I have private equity in mind but I am not sure how easy or difficult it is to get there? Any comments?

Private Equity. Though its a very tough nut to crack. If not PE, IBD (M&A). Anyway, CFA wont help much for either. MBA would help more and CFA + pedigree MBA will have some effect.

IBD. Love that sh**!! It’s soooooo intriguing. I am interning at a PE/VC firm right now. It’s not as much pressure as I want, which is why I want to get into IBD. But it’s hard as hell in terms of competition. Will work on GMAT in Spring and aiming for getting into a top B-school in about 5 years to obtain an MBA. Sachin123, I wanted to emphasize to you that I think to work at a PE firm, it’s really more of who you know than what you know…

Thanks Rockstar…you are right. But I thought that would matter at the senior level. How about the entry level in PE?

It counts a lot in entry level too. Well, to start off, they don’t have a lot of typical entry-level positions in PE as I know it, since they are kind of like a tight-knit family as opposed to giant corporations. So, in order to get your foot in one of them, they want to see that you have experience working in a big company so that you can transfer your knowledge you accumulated there to PE firm cuz they don’t do a lot of teaching, they just kind of give you the job for you to figure out… So, in essence, no matter what level, I believe it’s key to start mingling and leeching on to the powerful ones, and hopefully you’ll get your fair share of the money pie later!! yaay!!!