Where are you now (= your progress)?

Hello everyone,

I have just found myself tired and sick from CFA studies: I started at second week of October. For the moment I finished only with Econ and Quant and I’m on reading #20 now (it’s FRA). At the same time I have only 60% for tests and there are so many things to understand and polish that I’m ready to cry!

Where are you now? How do you feel about it?

i would be very much appreciated for any word or kick.

burnout already? you have some time, take a few days, recharge


Read Ethics, Econ, Quants, Equity, and about to finish FRA. I’m not burnout but I am already feeling the depth and intensity of the L2… I am doing well on the EOC tests (+70), the thing is that I don’t really know how am I gonna remember everything for the exam, there is just too much detail to know, and many similarities between some concepts (mainly in FRA).

I guess we have to keep on working hard and spending less time on AF!!

Well I dont even know if I passed level I on Decemberm but Im already done reading Quant and Economics. Take some days off and continue at the beginning of next year so you are refreshed. Its a long way to go…

Wow … still 5+ months to go, and some of you guys are far along!

I’ll be starting Quant this week. (Don’t have my Dec result just yet)

Itera, thank you very much, your words sound very encoraging! enlightened

Sharky7 , wow. so much done! Thanks for sharing! I decided to take notes along with some tests to review, repeat and drilll concepts. When do you plan finish readings and start mocks? How much time you spend during the weeks? Regarding AF: I’m coming here only several times a week (not day wink)

Usher, well done! yes Thank you for sharing.

I started last week

Finished Equity, now at AI/Fixed Income

Started last week. Done with AI and FI. I am counting on the holidays to get ahead. I plan to have finished Quant and Economics by the beginning of january. By the end of January, FRA + CF should be over. In February, I’ll slay Derivatives + PM. I’ll get Equity over with as of the beginning of March. I’ll sprinkle Ethics on top of everything from end of March till the exam. I’ll start rocking all the mock tests and hitting all the EOCs from CFAI on April 1st, till May 31st. I took a week off prior to the exam to review everything and chill out. I plan to do 6 mocks in exam conditions (I believe it was the magic number for L1).


PS: Anyone else feeling like the CFA is taking a toll on both mental and physical states? I’ve had a couple of horrible nightmares about failing L1 :smiley:

Workign my way through Econ as we speak. VERY mundane!! Let’s do this guys.

about 50% thru material. finished ethics, econ, quant in october. finished fra in november and corp finance in first half of december. last week and a half i’ve retaken all eocq and feel good about moving onto equity after xmas.

good luck everyone

Do all of you take notes along the way? I did that for Quant but then it gets too distracting…

I’m through ethics, quant, and econ. I should finish FRA before December is over. My goal is to finish all readings before January is over. CFAI EOC question in February and review reading materials for notes on questions I got wrong. Practice tests and concept reviews in March, April, and May. Good luck to all.

Done Equity, AI, CF, will be done with FRA by end of December. Then FI, Drv, Quant, PM, Econ, Ethics in Jan/Feb (sounds harsh).

Saw you said you switched to Schweser. How have you been finding it? Thinking about jumping the curriculum ship, at least by not wasting time reading the superfluous detail

I am very confused. How are you guys reading the CFA Level 2 Curriculum when you don’t even have your CFA Level 1 results yet? I am in the same boat: wrote Level 1 in December. I want to start preparing but I cannot order the material until I register for Level 2 but that won’t happen until I get the results! So frustrating!

Started Mid Nov, read Quant, Econ, 2 readings left in FRA. getting 65-73% on self test.

I was in the same boat as you last year. Tough spot, you either have to buy schweser or just not study until basically Feb. And it makes it even tougher that you’re on a short time frame. If you have the $$ to potentially waste, you may want to go ahead and buy schweser to get started if you’re confident that you passed.

I took the schweser plunge to get started early a year ago. Once I passed and got CFAI materials, I ultimately ditched Schweser. Anyhow, it was kind of a waste of money for Schweser but there’s no other option if you want to get an early start.

If you have a solid finance background and killed L1, you’re probably fine to just wait till Feb. If you’re have no background on the L2 topics and were shaky on L1 (but still think you passed), probably best to go ahead and get started w/ Schweser.

Went thru ethics but it’s pretty much the same as level 1. Completed Quant and Econ but know them inside out. Eg. Triangular currency arb, forward/premium of currency, marking forward contracts and carry trades. I’m assuming those will be the main questions.

Quant is old stuff for me but I went thru it — did all that stuff in undergrad and grad school but it’s MUCH more in depth then I thought it would be for a CFA exam.

Even did all the schweser exam questions pertaining to ethics, quant and econ already. Did really well on them so I’m happy where I’m at.

@ TopperHarley

Awesome, thank you very much for the insight. I would +1 your post if I knew how/or could.

Any recommendations on which subjects to begin (i.e. what you did last year) in the Schweser text? I will ditch Schweser once I get my CFAI books. Basically, which topics should I start with in Schweser that will be less painful when I switch back to CFAI. I hope that made sense.