Where can I find "Defining Terms' for Exam?

Hi all, I know that previosuly CFAI used to have a list of all the terms used in each LOS like “Calculate” or “Distinguish” etc, and an explanation of what that term entails, but this time around I cannot find it anywhere in the books or the website. I actually called CFAI and they blew me off saying they took it off the website and they could not help me locate the information anywhere. Can anyone help please? The main reason I am asking for it is that in the FSA section many LOS’ have “Distinguish” but no “Calculate” which to me means we will not have to say restate a balance sheet for the equity method or to actually consolidate two balance sheets, only to explain what happens when using different methods and their impact on ratios. Am my off the mark here or do we not have to actually do any adjustments of a BS and IS except when doing translations using the All-Current or the Temporal Methods? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Regards Chris

They took it off their website? Interesting stuff indeed! When it says “Distinguish”, then I’m pretty sure that you only need to understand and apply the concept and not bother about the calculation.

http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/courseofstudy/los.html http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/courseofstudy/commandwords.html Calculate To ascertain or determine by mathematical processes. Distinguish To perceive a difference in; to separate into kinds, classes, or categories. enjoy gents

Awesome, thanks! The bastard at CFAI couldn’t bother helping me so he told me they removed it! Real nice… Thanks a ton, C.

chkaplan: When I worked for the Gummint a few years back, this was know as “turfing” someone - just get them off your turf (and usually onto someone else’s) as quickly as possible.