Where Can I Find Historical Russell 2000 Holdings

I’m looking for annual constituents at some point over prior years. Russell website is no help. Is there any place to find this information?

Maybe Ishares can help. us.ishares.com http://us.ishares.com/search/results.htm?start=1&col=FP&qc=FP&qt=russell+2000&x=0&y=0

I appreciate the link. The current holdings which I find there are easy enough and I already have, but I’d like to grab a list of holdings from at least one point over each of the last say 10 years or so. It’s the historical holdings I can’t find. I thought maybe the ishares would have that info somewhere, but if it’s there I can’t find it.

Mmmmm, pretty sure the gougers at Russell charge an arm and a leg for that.

That’s what I figured. I was hoping there was something I wasn’t thinking of like an ETF site with historical holdings, etc.