Where can I get strip/historical pricing for different types of crude oil

Capiq has no clue, Bloomberg support says I need a Platts subscription to get the blends I need (guy I messaged before had no clue) anyone on here have any thoughts?

Are you looking for a particular blend? Or numerous blends? And historical spot or strip? Know a friend in FP&A or marketing in an E&P at all?

The contracts and my research says that the bench mark (with no name that I can find) consist of 3 blends. strip pricing would be the best but I don’t know if forwards trade for them. If not, I plan on using historical pricing and seeing if the differential between that and Brent is consistent, and if so I can apply that to Brent strip pricing. I’d post the names but we’re digging for info and would prefer this thread not popping up.

I’d check Quandl. If it isn’t indexed on Quandl, there is a good chance it doesn’t exist in the public domain.