Where can I purchase or access Q Bank?

Where can I purchase or access QBank?

The Schweser website.

Thank you.

Have you guys found the internet version more uselful or the 2-time CD install? Based on your experience, what would you recommend? Couldn’t find any reviews of the the two versions. Thanks in advance

I have the CD version - But I think the Web access option is better - you are not tied to the same two Computers which really helps if you don’t want to carry your laptop with you everytime. Good luck.

depends on where you study. If you generally in areas with wireless, or study from the a variety of computers with good connection go for the online. else if you use only 1 computer to study, get the cd…

I have not yet purchased the Q bank but will next week. One other thing to consider when choosing between the CD and web access is that the CD requires admin rights to install and run. If you use a work computer that has a very restrictive computer/network policy, installing the CD may be a problem. However web access is generally not an issue, however, the website could be blocked by a filter. Supposedly, Schweser will allow you to switch from CD access to internet access (according to their customer service). If anyone has an actual expereience with this, please feel free to correct/ add to my comments. thanks.

I’m finishing book 6 this weekend to conclude my second round of reading the CFAi texts. I plan on purchasing Q-Bank as I need to use these next 90+ days applying my knowledge. Personally, I’d go with the web version. I use a mac and somone said that the web version is compatible with macs. CD would be useless for me.

The CD doesn’t work well on the Windows Vista either. The database queries are extrenely slow. If you study where you can have easy access to the internet, go for the web version.