Where can you get the CFA charter frame? Is it custom made?

I looked and looked and it seems I need to custom made the frame. But I do not want to pay more than $20 for it:( Any suggestion?

An even cheaper option would be to keep the Charter in its cardboard tube.


you can buy an 18x24 from walmart for $15.

what you should do with the other $5 is probably best left to trashtag

lol yep the charter is doing well in its tube in my closet…

OP where are you planning on hanging your charter?

Hahahaha, me too, mine is still in the original tube and it’s in the closet with my other hopes and dreams.


you’re adorable

what the lol. awkward

rofl dude mine’s in the closet too. im pretty sure you all framed your college degree, why not frame this? im very curious.

i didn’t frame my college degree either. Still rolled up.

I spent about $600 on 2 frames for my lambskin diplomas

they are yuuuuge … largest degree in US I think and yes, its real lambskin, boys

No, i did not frame anything, actually one of my certificate came already framed but i still just left it in the closet because i don’t think the certificates fit my decor… :slight_smile:

Mine’s in its original tube as well, though it isn’t in a closet; it’s leaning against the wall next to my desk.

Am I adorable as well?

I have a lot of designations. Was thinking of getting a bunch of patches for a NASCAR style pinstripe jumpsuit. You know, one patch says “xxxx MBA” , another says “AB Physics, Univ of Yyyy”, “Series 7”, and maybe soon CFA.

I would need at least 8 patches. Maybe I could wear it to conferences when I’m on booth duty.

Yes, very adorable :slight_smile:

That’s actually not a bad idea, and it’s a jumpsuit so you have plenty of room, you can also consider putting those logos on your car…

In your case, best practice would be to get brown leather flight jacket and just put all the patches on there. Bring aviator glasses to the conference. Wear them with your jacket inside as well as at night. I basically just gave you all the tools to succeed in life. You’re welcome.

haha i read this and googled cfa car license plates. this is what popped out:


If you wanna display it, then go do it right. Go to Hobby Lobby and have it matted and framed.

i’m still rocking the tube as well. sometimes my kids find it and hit each other with it. much better than putting it on the wall.

the president of our fund has a great deal of respect for the charter. He put my charter in the conference room framed with details that rivals Romanesque/Gothic style cathedrals. Did I mention the frame is made of 24k gold with hundreds of diamonds?

Very impressive. prospective institutional clients immediately ask for our wiring instructions as soon as they step into the conference room. Just like the peasants of the ~12th century Europe, jaw dropping and in awe.