where can you go with a CFA?

Wow! Thanks for all of the responses. It was much more than I expected but Im happy to hear all of your opinions. @Black Swan You basically just rewrote my resume with your comment :wink: Very nicely put. Thank you @ohai You seem to be a little jaded. Does this come from personal experience? I will keep it in mind tho, thanks. @wake2000 yes, yes I was :slight_smile: @spreads Im currently in the process of looking for a job here. A lot of it is networking over here too. Seems to be a tight knit community. Speaking of networking, I did meet a banker through friends and one of the first questions he asked me was if I can program using C++. I cant but it got me to wondering, is this something to invest the time in?..

a banker asking about C++? Not sure why they would care. Learn it on your free time, and don’t highlight this on the resume, especially if you want to get on the research side.