Where could I buy CFA calculator in Toronto? Thanks!

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Ebay is where I would go.


LOL. why would you go to ebay, and there’s no such thing as CFA Calculator. You can get the Texas Instrument or HP. Go with Texas Instrument BA II PLUS; just go to Business Depot

I can’t believe I’m even replying to this. You would go to Ebay for the following reasons: 1) So you don’t have to go to “Business Depot”. You can just order it with 3 clicks of a mouse and it gets delivered to your door 2 days later. 2) I don’t know about Canada, but in Australia, shit is usually cheaper when you buy via internet sites (new or used). I don’t waste my time going to stores to buy simple goods like a BAII Plus, it’s not like I need to try it on for size. 3) Dec 2011 CFA results just came through and a bunch of failed candidates who have decided CFA is not for them will put their calculators for sale on Ebay. I bought mine for $10 on Ebay, new on Ebay it’s like $60, new in a store add another $15 at least.

Do Aussies always pay two to three times the actual cost of an item? BA II Plus is like $30 retail.

The hp is more, probably what he bought. But some things are more $$ in AU. SummerRain, I’d recommend the BA II Plus

Sure, go buy a used calculator on Ebay then find out that it’s been used with a very low battery or something doesn’t work. No refund! buy at Business depot, if you get a faulty one, or some of the buttons don’t press right; go in for a refund and walk out with another one. and the BA Plus II is like $35 retail.

BTW, if you need one. I can sell you mine, just pay via paypal!= ). $25 and it’s pretty much brand new. you gotta pay for shipping! I have like 3 and I am done with the program now so I won’t need spare calculators

Amazon duh…

yeah, stuff is expensive in Australia relative to what you can buy it for in U.S. or Asia. I buy most of my stuff on the net from the U.S. or Hong Kong. Even with the shipping it works out cheaper. The fluctuations in our currency have a lot to do with it. AUDUSD was 0.65 in 2009, it’s 1.07 now. And I was talking about a BAII Plus. You won’t get much change for $USD 60 even online. Don’t know what they cost in stores here, I have yet to see a CFA approved calculator sold in stores in Australia (not that I spend my time looking).

Australia seems to be more exensive for everything!

That’s impossible. Given the size of the financial market in Australia, why would Texas Instrument or HP not penetrate the market with their financial calculators. You just haven’t looked!

the BA II + is used by actuaries as well, so should be readily available

Of course TI and HP are here. It’s them and Casio, just the same as it it in U.S. or Canada. There are plenty of scientific and financial calculators for sale here, I just haven’t seen a BAII Plus of HP12C on any store shelves. I’m sure you can find them somewhere (maybe a University bookstore), but they’re not your standard staple calculator here from what I’ve seen. Have a look for yourself if you want. www.officeworks.com.au www.dicksmith.com.au

SummerRain, you still looking for a calculator?

I got like 3 sitting around, I am done with the program and don’t need that many.

Guess it has a lot to do with your minimum wage :slight_smile: