Where do I sign up to be a proctor?

So if I failed/passed it doesn’t affect me in December. So how do I sign up for bring a proctor to administer the level 1 candidates? I heard they get paid pretty well and knowing how much I forked out for level 1 and 2, I think I’m entitled for the opportunity to make some of that back :slight_smile:

Good question. I’m not sure. Can you be a proctor before passing all three levels?

I don’t see why not. If anything you would think candidates and charter holders are better than regular proctors because we understand and can relate to some of the difficulties test takers have and can help with some of the common issues at the test center ie. proctors carrying loud conversations during the exam

If anything, you’d think that candidates would be sitting in the chairs taking the exam, not proctoring the exam.

I believe they mustnt be candidates in order to qualify as proctors. Not sure they really make good money.

Pretty sure the proctors are generally lay people.

I don’t think candidates are lowed to be proctors cuz it gives them an advantage by being exposed to exam conditions more than others … An advantage they get paid for

but you can send CFAI an email to ask

I believe most proctors are not related to CFAI. I have overheard some talking to each other (post exam). It turned out these were students.

A charterholder colleague of mine tried contacting CFAI about proctoring, he was turned down, they hire out proctoring services to some company.