where do jobs in valuation risk or market risk lead to?

We know the career paths of associates in investment banking or sell-side research. Any idea about the positions in securities valuation or market risk analysis? There are much talk about Goldman rotating people between its risk & trading desk. Can a position in market risk lead to a position in trading? The postings that I have looked at talk about a monthly pricing cycle (I guess marking to market), but within investment banks, are these positions in operations?

It can, it depends on what you make from the position you are in. Watch senior traders closely, understand what and why different analysis are run, learn about investment side of the business and I could see how a risk job may lead to a trading position. I have seen careers move along this line.

egal: Thanks. I am thinking that there is a good chance of making a transition from a risk position: http://jobs.efinancialcareers.com/job-4000000000553302.htm than from a pricing position : http://jobs.efinancialcareers.com/job-4000000000588390.htm I work for a financial services company & see less of an interaction between the pricing group & the traders than the risk group’s. It’s just that risk group is starting up now, and trading positions can be counted on your fingers. If there is someone here from a Risk Group, who can talk about their experience, please contribute here too.