where do you go for your market news?

bloomberg? yahoo or google finance? reuters?

anyone have any good market update emails that I could subscribe to?

Bloomberg, WSJ

Bloomberg, WSJ, and people email me newsletter and research.

Reuters, WSJ, Handelsblatt

I use Flipboard on my phone. I follow Bloomberg, WSJ, and a few others in a finance section. Additionally, I created a Twitter account solely to follow finance people who post finance stuff. That has proved to be more useful than the Bloomberg, WSJ, and other sources. Only exception I made is for Wu-Tang finance, because its on topic but hillarious. I get the twitter aggregated through Flipboard as well, so it’s all in one spot

Bloomberg, WSJ, Marketwatch, and Zerohedge.

Bloomberg and FT mainly

Analyst Forum.

Many of the sites listed above. Also visit bearnobull.com daily for commentary on the day’s news & reports.

For those who visit zerohedge, how do you discount the writers cynical outlook? I used to visit the site frequently but they are just so one-sided on everything.


Get your news from various sources. ZH gives the bear case on everything and CNBC hasn’t figured out that stocks can actually go down. Bloomberg is probably the most even-handed of all the sources I’ve come across. Take it all in and form your own thoughts accordingly.

After six years of reading ZH daily, it can be pretty depressing. However, if you cut through their calls for the world to end, I’ve found they’re among the most accurate commentators out there. You just have to get a feel for sifting through the hyberbole.

I LOLed.

I like the Reuters pre-market and after-market news summaries. I also subscribe to Abnormal Returns. Other than that, there are some sell-side institutional sales notes I look at, though most of what I read are trade rags pertaining to the industries that I cover.

Bloomberg, WSJ, Reuters, BBC, Economist, Blogs (through Feedly)

FT & bloomberg

I pick stocks with a Ouija board

Bloomberg is my regular source. Sometimes I’ll stray to Reuters.

I read the Börsenzeitung.

Handelsblatt is way too general IMO. Too much political and not enough on companies. Hardly covers anything outside of blue chips.


here are some that are pretty fun to read and investment related: barry ritholtz, vitaliy something, josh brown reformed broker, pragcap.