Where do *you* pick up time on the morning session?

Hey all, I’ve been struggling to finish morning mocks within the estimated time. I can see a question, figure out the mechanics and then execute and then when I check my clock I’m lagging by 30 seconds to a minute and that adds up into time trouble down the stretch (usually like 6 questions in its very noticeable).

Was wondering given all the superstars on this board if there was a pattern where some questions you’re just picking up time. I’m thinking I could make my answers to individual IPS much shorter --> go for the easier stuff and more obvious reasons instead of the “I’m so smart” type of clever reasons.

What about you?

if you dont know the answer, dont waste your time trying to sound smart- just let it go.

use those minutes to maximize points on the questions you know

There’s a Wiley video on Youtube suggesting nearly one-sentence answers to some am questions. I have been writing a bit more, but rarely even a whole paragraph - almost almost never as much as the answer key. If you’re running out of time, is it because you’re being too verbose?

When the exam begins, flip through the book to pick the low-hanging fruit first. Save the IPS Questions for later.


The best way to get better is practice.

The best way to get better is practice.