Where do you see opportunities in banking in the next 5/10 years ?

I work for a small European CIB, and I’d like to move to the US branch of this bank in 2/3 years.

I currently don’t work in FO :frowning: but ofc I’d like to move there… In my opinion and given my experience:

market finance and especially vanilla products are threatened by automation. Sales position will most likely disappear or be drastically cut. Fixed Income as a whole will suffer from the recurring low rates environment. Grass seems greener on the corp/project finance side ? I see many job opportunities in infra, aircraft finance or tech ? Also green/SRI is going to be big, at least in Europe but also in the US ?? Also a second question is how to keep up with FO skills ? I’m an overall smart guy who passed all 3 levels of CFA with relative ease, I have a bit of experience on the capital markets side (internships) and I do understand how (European) banks work and how to make deals happen (how and when to push, how to show pricing, internal politics and all) but I’m fairly weak in terms of any type of industry expertise, modelling, and deep corporate finance knowledge (Level 2 FRA is pretty much my only education on this).

What shall I do ? Take CAIA ? FRM ? modelling classes ? Is there a reference book similar to the Hull ?

thanks a lot folks, please no trolling or I will get mad