Where do you source your technical articles from?

I would like to stay on top of technical pieces in equity & macro econ.

Currently I get info from:

Seeking Alpha




Motley Fool

CFA society

But are there any other places I can get free in depth technical research?

As an example of technical pieces:


seeking alpha??? that is amateur hour…a lot of the articles seem good but if you dig into it, the fundamentals of understanding basic accounting and financial statements is whack!

It should be:

SEC Filings

BBG Terminal

Major publications: Barrons, WSJ, NYT, FT, etc

IF you really want to stay tuned to internet blogs, then Sumzero.com. you’ll find me at sumzero with my my real name and employer name - their guidelines.

but they get you notification of news stories. transcripts. presentations. all from 1 handy dandy app for everything. its a matter of convenience. some articles are pretty good, like they take info from the sec filings. but yea a majority is garabge.

Yeah I’m not saying they are all good. Hence why I asked the original questions - I want better.

Seeking Alpha and MF are pretty amateurish - especially the latter. The former has the occasional good read, but always needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Apply to join Sumzero.com

There are significantly fewer articles/blogs/notes in Sumzero.com than there are on seeking alpha but the quality is much much better. Sumzero is also not anonymous as you must disclose and submit your full name and employer name and title.

Most likely than not you must be buy side front office to be admitted. Although they try to be very exclusive, obviously it is mere kids play compared good ol dinner and beer with your real friends in the industry.

Is there a difference is being admitted to write articles vs. just wanting to read others?


Thanks - Applied last night. Hopefully wont have too much trouble getting membership.

Infinity thanks for the tip and would love to read one of your articles, tell me what to look out for!

Why are you trying to read technical articles? Maybe your goal isn’t best achieved by reading these sources

Personal enjoyment and some insight.

What about the above sources is enjoyable?

Not much hence the question to find better sources…

what characteristics of technical articles provides enjoyment ?

Is SumZero for firms or for individuals?

EDIT: I guess in other words, can individuals post their own research there as well instead of funds advertising their performance?

If you need articule about forex one good reference is https://alpari.com/en/beginner/articles/technical_analysis/

I liked 3 free analyzes on sumzero. Since I am not a buy side analyst (so I will not be eligible to join), but am intereseted in reading other people’s high quality recommendations, is there any other source of free research articles?

Expecting or hoping for in depth technical analysis for free is necessarily difficult.

Why don’t you read Warren Buffet’s filings - always insightful.

Oaktree Capital’s Howard Marks also has interesting memos:


you won’t find any buy side research data or write up anywhere on line that is current and up to date…“articles” on sumzero are more of talking points and a mere blog rather than full on research analysis…The CCO of the firm would be bent out of shape beyond recovery if anyone posted recent analysis on a forum…

Sumzero’s quality is much better than seekingalpha’s but i must say the subscription version of Seeking Alpha is not bad…

I do my own work.

The above names are either propaganda, or amateur nonsense.