Where do you stand?

How far along are you with the preparations? I am thinking of writing in June, and i am less than 1/2 way through on econ, and quant. i have a head start on finance as i studied that in university. am i really far behind

No, but you must seriously get it in gear. It is suggested that you finish the material inwhole by April so you have at least a month to review and take the exam. Likewise I’ve found that most people on this board are big achievers thus ahead of the game.

you’re fine, but you need to get cracking ASAP. I would recommend three things: 1) devote time proportionally to the amount that will be tested. (i.e. studying econ should only account for 10% of your study time) 2) forget about reading the CFAI texts. get schweser notes and focus on understanding them. 3) incorporate plenty of practice questions now and for the final month of studying. good luck!

I just started this week. So, you are way ahead of me aseem. I am using the CFAI texts, and thus expect a bumpy ride ahead.