Where do you work/ what field do you work in

Just curious as to where most people on this forum work. Big wirehouse? Work as a financial advisor? Portfolio manager?

I personally own my own RIA and work with individual clients as well as manage other financial advisors assets as a third party asset manager.

I work downstairs.

My field is trying to get y’all to pass these stupid exams.

(I used to work at PIMCO analyzing mortgage backed securities. And I also used to be a warhead designer. Full circle. Ish.)

Hey Bill, would you mind me asking you more on your job switch? If you prefer, could I PM you?

Thank you.

Ask away.

However, in the interest of not derailing this thread, maybe a PM would be better.

I’m fine either way.

Tech Consulting Firm - Financial Risk Management - Market & Counterparty Credit Risk (Fixed Income, OFDs, Equity)

Worked in M&A and Outsourcing deals (Financial & Strategic Solutions team) earlier

That sounds like fun. Seriously.

Investment Management (impact finance)

Valuation Controller - Exotic FX Options

PE FoF working in IR. Small shop so I do most of the data for our clients/consultants

Hey YoungMan24, mind I ask more about your role? I could PM you if you prefer.

Financial modeler for an investment bank. I worked for three and a half years in NY focusing on clients (so I was a quantitative guy that would sit with clients and focus on their needs, instead of the more traditional quant role which focuses on the traders). For the last year and 3 months or so, I’ve been working still as a financial modeler, but now primarily focusing on regulatory models. This let me move to Dallas which has allowed me to have a much better quality of life than NY did (I could actually afford a house!!!).

Public sector (financial regulation)

Let’s just say not somewhere that I want to be :slight_smile:

Ask away!

Ask away!

Worked for credit cards customer service (dont ask)… now moving to Fund Accounting!!!


pretty much :slight_smile:

Day Job: Trade-ops/model-management for third party asset manager models that my specific fintech firm has on our platform.

Night Job: I make cheese steaks at a restaurant. (Hoping to be rich enough someday to ditch this second job bullshit).

CTA hedge fund - Analyst

Consulting firm - performance measurement (value drivers, KPIs, etc.), human capital strategy, governance, M&A integration