Where does everyone stand?

Just wanting to find out if I am sitting pretty good here. Over the weekend I will do Study Session 6. I have been reading all Sessions 2-3 times over; using Schweser. I have already done Sessions 7-10. So on Monday I will have Sessions 11-18 left. Which at my pace I believe I will finish in about 3 weeks. After that I will do all problems in CFA text and start working on problem areas. I will also do practice exams and use the exams on Schweser as well and also you Q bank. I am wondering if you guys think this is a good plan of attack? Should this leave me ample amount of time for the exam? Thanks

I have personally been doing questions for the past 2 weeks for identify problem areas. I still half half of quant to read but thats it. Then it’s questions till game day.