Where Does That Leave Us?

Quotes from last June, right after L2 exam… “I find it unbelievable how much mundane, useless crap the tested on those two sections. I feel that by really hitting the main topics hard and nailing those sections, I was able to secure a win. not like Level I where you can skip questions and come back to it, they left allof of the core stuff out. bastards We spent all that money on the MOCKS and SAMPLES just to get misguded by the INSTITITE That pm session was bs. Come on now. Balance of Payments calculation. Of all the stuff that’s important in the curriculum you had to calulate that for 2% of the exam. Retarded. Also no Potter, IPS, Ind Analys… which was heavy focus in the mocks and samples… I coulda probably performed exactly the same with about 150 hours less studying. The test was so shallow and testing such obscure topics. But seriuosly, I agree 100%, at times I was just asking myself why the f*ck I studied and killed myself for 4 months just so they could ignore pretty much the entireity of the “core” material. I spent last 10 days totalling just 10*2 hrs of sleep doing the stuff they covered in mock and sample… and non of that core material was there… I think they made it a point to test anything that wasnt in the third party study guides this year…” _________________ Where does that leave us? Samples? Mocks? Schweser Sample Tests? CFAI end of reading questions? Basically everything is fair game. I guess know the core material and pray to know the outlier information, too.

pretty much. no shortcuts on this hoss. learn as much as you can. put in as much time as you can, and wish for the best. balance of payments was a curve ball i heard, but my co worker said it wasnt a full vignette, only 2-3 questions(which is still bad i know, but i thought it was a full vignette for a while).

I got scared so now I’m a balance of payments master

This means that we actually have to learn all of the material. The CFAI has perfected their methods of making these tests so that they test the minutae and ample time must be put in to master a majority of the concepts.