where exactly extraordinary and discountinued operations

will be placed in the income statement. below operating income, below net income. the book did a terrible job on explaining this stuff and i have seen numerous questions about these two

It is below net income from continuing operations. Gain or loss on the discontinued item. Loss on extraordinary item.

To my understanding: Sales Cogs Admins/other overhead Depre Int UNUSUAL OR INFREQUENT Taxes DISCONTINUED OPERATIONS Net Income EXTRA ORDINARY

i think: sales cogs dep loss or gain from discontinued ope int taxes dicontinued op net income extra ordi.

I’ll take your word (post) for it - I hate FSA

extra ordinary goes before NI after taxes just like dicountinued ops there is nothing bellow NI ever… except for EPS

great… this is really confusing. So is the final verdict: Sales cogs admin/other deprec unusual/infrequent int tax discontinued extraordinary NET INCOME

^^^^almost looks right to me except i would switch unusual/infreq. with depreciation cuz EBITA does include gains and losses.