Where i can actually get a a finance job abroad easily?

Hello, im still a fresh graduation currently preparing to study for cfa level 1, but i wanted to know, if i could move abroad(permanently) and work in finance after i become a charterholder or even before if i could, so at what point of my career i can think about doing that? And what countries do you suggest, ( i dont want to go to gulf countries since it doesn’t provide permanent residence, i would like a developed countries like :US/UK/AUSTRALIA /NEW ZEALAND /CANADA/GERMANY /SWITZERLAND…ect
What are you’re thoughts? And i would like to hear a succes story from some one from a third world country who made it abroad.
I don’t care if the salaries are not that high, i just want to move abroad and be successful in my career regardless of the salary, so i don’t mind going to a tax hell country if it would be easier for me to get a job there.