Where is everyone in their prep?

What are you currently working on?

Mocks/ Topic Tests or Still stuck with the reading.

Portfolio is driving me crazy. Also giving FRM on 21st May. :smiley:

Double whammy

finishing up second review with EOCs. moving on to topic tests and mocks soon.

how do i feel about the prep? f~cked. hopefully this goes away with more practice!

Third (or fourth) round of review… Still have no idea what is going on with portfolio and fixed income (spreads and durations). Concentrating on the topic tests and reviewing via mistakes/doubtful concepts.

Doing Topic tests is actually depressing.

Sometimes I feel even if they copy the topic tests in the actual exam. Still wont be able to score 100%

Done with 1st Mock today. AM session was pretty well (63%), but PM absolutely failed (48%), so 56 % average on 1st Mock:(.

The reason was that PM contained swaps, pensions and portfolio management, all areas I still do not cover well. Also couldn’t remember P/AFFO, P/FFO and PE waterfall distribution calculations in AI during PM session. Mock questions compared to topic tests seems a bit more understable.

Now, I’m preparing all Mock questions to revision and higlihted all weak chapters within each session to repeat.

Hard work is ahead but I just follow same path as for L1 (then I had been started since exact 60 % on avr on 1st Mock) and finally reached 80 % in comprehensive AM & PM 4 days prior exam. Of course I was studying 8 hours each day during last month prior exam. Same manner I am going to apply now.

Prior to Mock I solved 63 vignettes from all areas on topic tests and results were better than on same areas on Mock, the reason may be in loosing concentration which is also condition to practice, beside knowledge.

I spent 2:20 h for solving AM session and 2:05 for PM session. I’ve got all topic tests and Mock results in MS Excel file as well as average time to measure my progress.

I’m sick of exhaustion, cannot wait for June to sleep.

Deep in review and creating specialized final review note sheets (steps for NPV method for VC, Int Rate Swaps, Currency Arbitrage for example). I have Derivatives and PM left. Next week I’ll start the topic tests, then start mocks on May 7th unless I finish the topic tests sooner. Somewhere in there I’ll be reading Ethics again and a full read through on Wiley’s 11th hour guide.

I hear you there. I’ve only taken two days off from studies over the past month, and will maybe get two more before June 4th. I’m running on sheer will at this point.

Spoiler alert! :slight_smile:

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Which mocks are you doing? Schweser? CFAI? Something else? Are Schweser mocks harder or easier than CFAI Mocks? I heard they are easier for L2?

I think I’m going to start doing the Mocks on Saturday and I am trying to review everything again this week. It is hard to find time when you can just sit for straight 6 hours to do mocks. We only have 6 more weekends so better use those weekends wisely.

I am talking about CFAI portal Mock and CFAI portal tests. I have never taken any other 3rd part Mock neither I do.

I also achieved similar results as you in the first mock. After revising the answers is it good to do for a second time

I am currently on 3rd time entire material reviewing. I extracted chapters from each session where my knowledge is still not sufficient. Also I will take in place all incorrect or spurious correct answers from CFAI Mock. Next Mock is scheduled for 30th April. I expected better results then.

You guys have gone far, i have not done any mock yet, i still have Fixed Income, Portfolio, Alternative and FRA to review before going to mock, but i have been doing CFAI practice questions on the remaining 6 topics, and i am scoring pretty well on them. I want to finish those 4 revisions before attemting mock.

Done with all Blue Boxes except FRA. Just starting EOC’s, reading Ethics, and will pepper in some FRA. Have not been able to study much at all the past month so I am not where I’d liek to be.

You guys freak me out! Most of you are done with their first review and going through the second or third or practicing mocks already! I am still not done reading the curriculum, I still have Ethics and Economics, I haven’t done the EOC for many readings yet, and I feel I almost forgot everything already! I am planning to have a whole month of doing EOCs, practice exams, and question banks after I finish reading the curriculum once. I hope I’ll be fine…

I will be finishing all the readings today and will start to do the practice exam from this weekend!

I’ve done Volume 1 and 2 of the Schweser Mocks (6 full exams) and have not failed any yet. I even scored 91% on two of the mocks, making me think that Schweser is just too easy (which is why I don’t know if I would recommend them for those playing time a bit close. I’d stick to CFAI practice stuff). I did them timed (exam conditions) and everything on my Saturdays and Sundays recently. I’m moving on to the CFA mock this weekend to see what’s up with that. I’ve done all the practice tests (some were depressing esp FRA) and EOCs. After the CFA mock that I plan to do this weekend, I’ll be reviewing and waiting for Kaplan’s official mock on the 21st May. Any other suggestions of where I can buy more mocks would be helpful.

I’m getting 90%+ on my mocks too.

Yea right, I’ll literally never do that, ever. In reality I have just Econ and Ethics left to finish my first pass - of which I’ve been taking detailed notes in the readings and the CFAI EOCs. I’ve left about 25% of the EOCs incomplete so I will be going back to finish them, then moving on the the CFA topic tests, and Mock/Review phase starting May 1.

Good luck all. Stay vigilant.

Just finished ethics my last section in the reading. Read the original text this time and think it was real helpful.

I have to do all the EOCs from the original text. Going to start with Equities, FRA, Corp Finance, Fixed Inc, PM, Derivatives…

Hopefully finish this sometime next week. I increased my hours to 20 hours a week last week from 16. I have about 3 weeks off I am taking in May. Hopefully this will be enough to seal the deal. I am just glad to finally finished my first thorough read through. Need about 150 more hours of study now only 43 days left so I better crank up my hours.

Last time I was testing 65-68% and passed Level 1. I am hoping to get a little higher. I was scared to open the email when I go it last time but floored when I saw I passed…

Haven’t started yet. Plan is to start two weeks from today.