Where is Toronto exam location??

Hello everyone,

I am registered for the CFA Level 1 December exam and have chosen Toronto as my exam center.

I will have to fly in and book a hotel for the night before.

I have not been able to find on the website (ticket has nto been issues as yet) where exactly the location is in Toronto.

Does anybody know where it is usually held???

Would be much appreciated if soemone could let me know which building it is usually located. As it would be good to have booked the hotel by now.

(basically dont want to book soemthing in Toronto and next thing the exam is in Missasauga, for example they also say Miami but I know it is actually held in Ft. Lauderdale…which is a decent treck from Miami)

Thanks in advance.


the exam is held in the Direct Energy Center in Exhibition Park…


Good idea to find something within walking distance (or get a cab). Public Transport down to the exam center is a nightmare on exam day…