Where is Turd ?

Did he die from Jumping off a building when he was on Acid or something? I miss that crazy fart despite the junk he posted. We missed you, bro, come back and post some nonsense.

OMG ,Turd and The_Edge disappeared at the same time.Since there was the IP ban could it be the case that The_Edge wasn’t Atush and it was the dark depressing side of Turd? All those drunk posts late at night with demons crawling in his head make sense now… :neutral_face: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

The CIA Pedo Nazi conspiracy finally got to him. I will remember you, Turd my brave friend.

Some say he’s still out there, on /pol/ or /r/the_donald, fighting to make the truth heard.

Sweep posted a thread to try and get him to tone down the crazy that went something along the lines of “hey man, it’s not me man, I’m totally cool with you man but the man wants you to chill a bit man.”

Then he either left to go to a forum for nutters or got banned. not sure which one.

Maybe he’ll start a thread where he apologizes profusely and asks to be banned, only to start posting 10 things a day the following day.

…and sadly in the end, it was Mr. Turd who got locked up.


I’m still not totally convinced that charlie work aka new turd isn’t actually fake turd aka bs

charlie/turd/edge. ahh teh holy trinity is complete.

You know, it’s going to sound really strange, but I actually had that suspicion myself. Like CW once told me to go back to training for the planche, a gymnastics move, and only a couple people on here are aware that I do gymnastics, and BS specifically mentioned it in a thread once… I don’t know if he’d really want to troll like that though. Doesn’t seem his style.

Turd/CW has not been banned. As far as I know, he’s taking some time off.

CW disappeared right after we had our come to jesus talk. The_Edge was banned over a week later.

I’m pretty sure nuppal is behind it all.

This will all be over soon. The memo is being released.

Calm before the storm.

where was this come to jesus talk i missed? darn that musta been fun to see


No, it really wasn’t. Probably the worst “mod” job I’ve had to do. I locked the thread so it can’t be bumped, but I’m sure someone will probably link to it.