where to answer AM questions?

Maybe it’s a very stupid question but it confuses me as a first time taker of level 3.

I was browsing past exam posted by CFAI. The exam books look very different between 2012 and 2013.

On 2012, it doesn’t have lined space with bold large font indicating “answering question x here” except those that template are provided.

On 2013, it does have lots of lined space with large fond on top instructing you “answer question x here” and tempates. For those with tempates, the questions also directs you to “answer question on page xxx”.

Doesn’t that mean I answer all the questions clustered on lined space except the one with template provided?

For example, question 1 has part A, B, C.

1B directs me to answer on page 15 template. Following the questions are lines space and a template.

So I will answer 1A and 1C on lined space and answer 1B on tempate?

On lined spaces, I will say:

1A, blah…blah…

1C, blah…blah…

Then I go template and inject 1B answers?

good question…but, i am not sure!!!

I woudln’t freak out too much about this. It’s very clear on the exam where to write, and where you should not write.

only 1 moron in several hundred poeple actually screw this up.

as soon as the exam begins, take 5 seconds to flip through the answer booklet at the lined pages and where the pre-set templates are. again, any template questions will literally remind you there is a TEMPLATE for that question