Where to download exams of past years?

I can’t find that link in cfainstitute official website,it really mazed me Anyone can paste a url here?Thanks alot.

Not looking forward to commit this kind of major violation!!!

Major Violation?

I believe that in the ethic section that sharing any exam related material without CFAI consent is a voliation of the code.

If it is available on CFAI’s website for free then it is not a violation of anything.

https://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/courseofstudy/sample.html Click on Level III essay exams. They only offer the morning exam of the past 3 years (right now only for 05 and 06 since 07 will be available in like a month) Afternoon isnt available.

this site has L3 exams filed back as far as 2000. http://cfasuccess.com/Web/files/folders/level3notes/entry77.aspx

little_lulu Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > this site has L3 exams filed back as far as 2000. > > http://cfasuccess.com/Web/files/folders/level3note > s/entry77.aspx Looks like I must read wrong.

Thanks alot.