Where to find a job for SAS Analyst?

Hello, I have 5 years of experience in SAS (Base, Enterprise Guide, Data Integration Studio, etc). I want to know what Banks are recruiting people with knowledge of sas? I mean those who have an urgent need.

I think Jeffries. Yes. That’s it.

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Lehman desperately needs someone with these skills and of this calibur. Go to 745 7th ave with your resume in hand and ask for dick.

i used to be a data analyst for a litigation consulting firm where we used a ton of sas even more so than excel. first job out of college.

plz advice6

I use sas for job, data scrapping (predictive analysis) i did my bachelors in electrical engineering (computer engineering focused) tell me the jobs.

my gf uses it for biostatistics and apparently says only the old people want to use it. Anyone under like 40 would rather use R

mental math > SparkR > SaS

Devgru>Delta Force > Green Beret > British SAS