Where to find new questions

This is my second time with level 2.

While studying for it the first time and this time, at some point I completed all of the CFA EOC questions, practice exams, Schweser questions and exams, going back about 3 or 4 years.

So, I need to find a new source for practice questions. The problem is that I cannot afford to purchase Schweser or the othe study programs.

Can anyone recommend a source for practice questions?

Thanks in advance.

well one idea is ELAN… if u have failed a test before just send your results to them and you get 40% disocunt on your purchase… makes it a lot lot cheaper than schweser. Also they are good too.

most of us are in a pinch but takes money to make money i gess…

good luck

Fin quiz is the way fwrd :slight_smile:

I can’t vouch for the quality but looks to be free


I solved their quant examples, not overly difficult, but useful as additional item set examples I guess.

Elan questions are quite exam standard and much better than schweser, IMO. Their PQs cost $150 or so. You’d also get a discount of 15% if you’re a member of bionic turtle.

How many quesitons are there in Finquiz and Elan? Are they all Item sets?

FinQuiz says they have close to 200 item sets.

Elan says they have close to 2000 questions but not in item set format.

I haven’t used FinQuiz but I’m sort of happy with Elan. I mean their questions look to be exam standard and I have the CFAI EOCs anyway. Don’t think I can do more than that.