Where to find Q4 financial information?

I need to find 2005Q4 financial information (sales, cogs, a/r, etc) for a company. The 2005 10-K appears to only include annual financial info. Obviously there is no 2005Q4 10-Q. Where can I find 2005Q4 financial information? Thanks!

take the 10-k and find the Q3 10-Q. voila. 10-k minus the 10-Q for 9 months gives you…wait for it…wait for it… Q4!!

Try the Q4 earnings release. Often filed under the ubiquitous name “8-k”, or held in an archive on the company’s website under “press releases.”

Wait for it, Wait for it…that doesn’t get any better… similar to the fact that I may be good enough to figure out how to beat myself.