Where to invest your bonus?

What are you thinking in terms of asset allocation right now?

invest it with me homie. I’ll get you 20% cash on cash in my little niche.

Can we start an AF ponzi scheme?

Food trucks

Well diversified mutual funds.

Alerian MLP ETF. (I’m actually semi-serious about this–if you don’t live in West Texas.)

JOY, 5 year holding period.

Or you can contact the guys at Basin Wealth Management. One of them is glad to help you out.



First of all - please move this thread to investments

Second - Best place to invest is something that is negatively correlated to your current assets.




Virtually impossible to get negative correlation (of returns) in the real world.

Fortunately, that isn’t necessary; a relatively low positive correlation of returns offers great diversification benefits.

Crude oil.

Edupristine? Is that you?

This belongs in the feedback forum.

Unless you have a strong view, in which case you want to increase exposure depending on risk profile.

With the high discounts in the MLP CEF space, you are being paid to own the funds even with the high relative fees given the increased distribution caused by the discount., not to mention the upside if the discounts closes. You need to know a little about trading and not be susceptible to a forced sale given the very low liquidity, but creating alpha is cake. Well, not cake. You will be tested. And be warned, a lot of CEFs are levered, so adjust the allocations accordingly or just avoid those that are levered.

^ I hardly know anything about MLPs, which is really my only major point of resistance on those right now, but our energy guy tells me this as well.

Could short the assets you currently invest in… :wink:

BS. Any concern that the companies using JOY’s equipment might cease to operate and therefore the revenue generated by servicing that equipment will fall as well?