Where to list jobs

I am going to be putting out a job listing soon. I have never done this before (also always worked for myself), so I don’t know the most popular sites. It isn’t for a high level job at all. In fact, it is for more of a administrative/receptionist job. Any recommendations?


Believe it or not I know nothing about craigslist. I will check it out.

The biggest attraction with Craigslist is that it is free for pretty much anything. It is basically online classified ads and is a very easy and simple website to use. I believe there are certain markets which Craigslist charges for job listings in (NY, LA, SF, and a few others). But the charge is only $25 or something minimal if I recall.

Yeah, I looked it up and it is free in my market. Some research on their site says it is more effective than the big guys. For free I will give it a try. Thanks.

Yeah, Craigslist is extremely popular in some markets (like mine–Washington, DC) and is really effective. In others (like Charlotte, NC), Craigslist is a joke.

Seems to be okay in mine (Pittsburgh). It is very active at least.

Why not here???

Do you want to be a receptionist?

Put it on the Toronto CFA Society site but make sure to include your home and work e-mail, your home and work phone number and your wife’s work number and her cell phone number…heheheh. Willy

snagajob.com specializes in hourly positions. You could try checking them out.

Thanks Kruk.

craigslist is garbage. use doostang or ladders or glocap

Craigslist may be okay for that. You may come across a lot of wackos though. Unless your looking to pay your admin 100K+ avoid the ladders. You could hire Daj!

GMofDen Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You could hire Daj! I would rather pay a receptionist 100K.

^^Haha, but you know daj would have an answer for everything!

Crushing some natties while answering the phones and making faxes rain.

nice!!! I meant to write in doo stang, but it got blocked out

Thanks for all the replies. I have a couple of avenues to try out.