Where to put your money?

This chaos is different than most down periods in the market. With all the people taking their money out of equities, where would they put it? Bonds are even risky now, except for treasuries which yield almost nothing. Money market funds are in trouble. Commodities are continuing to follow their downturn. Preferred stocks are in trouble. Banks are failing, so some people aren’t even safe with their checking or savings balances if they have a large amount of money in there. International markets are in the same situation, if not worse. I still don’t understand where everyone is putting their money that they want to take out of equities. If you are not going to need it for the next 20 years, it is the worst time to take it out and put it in a treasure yielding 0.4% or any other alternative. What are your guys’ thoughts on this?

I happened to have some cash on hand prior to the event and have put some of it in a deposit account with a bank connected to a Walmart-like institutiton called ICA, the account balance is covered by that state-provided deposit insurance that came out of an EC directive in 1996.

Cramer recommens to bag “LSP” (Lender Processing Services, Inc) on his MadMoney… A. Does he gets paid for spilling out names? B. Is he credible enough to cause a bull run by taking such names on his show? C. Is this yet another online Circus hosted by the clown himself … in accordance with the new CFA 3 option format!