where to start

hello all, i just got my level I books today for June 08 exam. would love to hear any advice on time management - i.e. which materials would you recommend to start first? and do we really need Schweser study note if we find time to cover the curriculum books? it is a big if as i do have a full time job with 10+ hours a day. thx for your feedback!

Ethics. and keep reading till Session 18. Thats what I am doing. Buy Schweser study notes and QBank. Don’t buy their online classes… big waste. that guy just keep reading the slides and gets angry on the people who ask questions.

I would agree with Geewitz. Start off with reading the first session on ethics and keep plugging away at the material. Since you are strapped for time, i’d suggest purchasing the schweser study notes and qbank as well. The study notes are concise and to the point, and will save you a great deal of time, and also the Qbank will provide you with ample problem questions to work with and practice from, which make your study time more efficient. I’d suggest reading this article on this website: http://www.analystforum.com/121904.pdf Hope that helped.

I went through the topics in order for my 1st read through. Then I spent considerable more time reviewing FSA, Fixed Income, Equity, and Quant. Some people suggest reading in an order that sort of overlaps topics. Such as study FSA/CF back to back and Quant/PM back to back. I Only read Econ once and did a small amt of review since it’s only 10% of the exam, but has the most readings. (I got < 50% on the exam as expected). I reviewed ethics a bunch of times to make sure i nailed that section b/c it’s worth a high % on the exam. Also, don’t sleep on the Alternative Investments section. It’s basically memorization and easy stuff so you can pick up easy points on the exam.