where to study Economics

Hi, I am having hard time reading economics SS # 5, 6. I jumped these readings initially, but now I want to get through this. Does anyone think shweser is simpler then CFA text books? I have completed books 1,3 and 4 from CFA textsbooks. I dont have shweser material, is it worth to buy it? Thanks

Read the cfai text book and post the problem area or concept that ur having difficulty. If u have time then u read selected chapters from Microeconomics by Koutsoyiannis, this books explains things very well. give me ur mail id

bk - are you sitting the exam in Dec or June 2009?

Joe - I am in for dec, am I too late to start practice?

spirit - my email id is bagrawal at usc dot edu I am from engineering background, so will appreciate any suggestions from you.

For economics, while you study make sure that pay extra attention to graphs, every little shift, arrow, direction in which curve shift is important. Make a list of curves, like demand, supply, MR, MC, TC, TP etc. Draw their figures, understand why, how they shift, fall and keep in mind that few curves behave differently in short run and in long run. Make this list before you read SS 5. Once you know how curves operate, SS 5 would be lot easier to understand.

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