Where to write responses - retakers, input highly appreciated

I’ve heard a few people comment that they wrote their answers in the wrong place and did not recieve credit. When taking past CFA exams there are some questions that do not include a grid to complete and say something to the effect of show your calculations, yet leave almost no area to write a response. I’m assuming that those questions are to be answered on a separate piece of paper or blue book. Can someone confirm or provide any insight?

Thank you and best of luck to everyone.

write only on ruled pages where nothing is specified .

Write only on template pages if specified. Don’t write answer to a template question on the ruled pages . Don’t write answer to a non-template question in the template part ( lol ) . Always write the question , part and section number , letters or roman numerals in theruled pages to identify the answer .

. Don’t write next to question , below the question , above the question . It will not be marked .

Use common sense .

98% of people won’t screw this up. Don’t let the 2% make you panic

Just spoke to a co-worker that passed last year and he said it is really intuitive. The idea of knowing the material and messing this up would be awful, but it doesn’t sound like it will be an issue.

It will be obvious to most. If you are not directed to use a template, you use the lined pages only - Number and label your answers as it is completely blank. Nothing written on the question pages are graded. You can’t even write the entire answer on the question pages unless you write incredibly small.

Thanks MarkCFAIL.

Do the places where you write your answers come out of the exam booklet, or do you have to page flip?

did you expect anything else – page flip OF COURSE.

I think one day this exam would be ONLINE

No way. way too easy to cheat if it was online.