Where to write?

I have heard that candidates often miss points for writing in the wrong area. Obviously if they give us a template we write in the template, but some of the questions require writing and there is no room based on previous tests. Do we just try to cram it in the space given? I just want to make sure I dont lose points for something like this.

Wondering the same thing. For questions not in template, are there seperate pages, or is it elsewhere in the booklet?

blank lined pages after the question…so for question 1Ai…write 1Ai and circle it so they know what question you are answering

Then you will be coming back for one more try at this level.

Please open up the test booklets online and SEE THE PAGE #s very carefully.

E.g. 2011- Please take a look at Q2. It is printed on Pg 9-10. Q 3 is on Pg 16.

There are no templates for Q2. Between 10 and 16 - you are provided with 5 college ruled sheets on the actual test. Q2 parts need to be answered on those ruled pages ONLY. Do not write anything that you expect to be graded on the question pages, ever.

Also note that at the top of the page you have to put in the Question # and label the parts appropriately.

If you need to write more beyond the 5 pages (which normally you should not, under realistic circumstances) please use pages at the end of the test booklet and make sure to label where you are going from and also where you are going to… Question no. on the page again.

The pages in between is more clear if you look at the numbered pages on Q 3. (Institutional question) where there are two templates as well as answers that must be written.

Thank you for the clarification!

CPK are you sure you dont work for CFAI? lol

Thanks… some follow-up questions:

You said “at the top of the page you have to put in the Question # and label the parts appropriately” - so on each page you would write Question 2 at the top, and then part a, part b, etc as you go along?

For question 3, it spefically says to answer in template for parts B and D. Does this mean that if doesn’t specifically say to write in template, you can assume that you have to use the lined paper, or should you be on the lookout for a template anyway?

Question guides us if we have to use a template…for ex after question 4 (B)…

"Answer Question 4-B in the Template provided on page 28"

or else we use lined pages

Be sure to read where to write the answers. I made this mistake a few times but was fortunate enough to realise quickly and had to start writing the answer out again in the correct place. You will be pumped on exam day and the adrenalin will make you want to just charge in (or it did for me anyway.) As the saying goes “measure twice, cut once.”

People, this is a way overblown problem, just because a few people messed it up and made it into an international incident, and now there’s mass panic.

Relax, be calm, and just flip through the pages after each question, it’ll take 3 seconds. the format is very clear.

  • If there’s a template to use, you’ll see it.

  • If no template, make sure you write in the lined spaces and number your question.

Answers must go in one of these 2 above areas.

That’s it. The vast majotiry of people will get it, don’t let the 2% of the population who couldn’t follow directions freak you out.

Haha, good post, thanks