where's dinesh???

Is it just me or is Dinesh MIA??? I was expecting him to be the first one posting once the forum opened, he must have had a really good party after the exam!!!



I thought Dinesh was traveling abroad for a few weeks right after the exam.

dinesh partying in his home country.

no need to worry about those 2 guys if anything, they’re probably too wasted to reach for a keyboard and mouse and not coherent/sober enough to post

they passed level 1 and are now hording level 2 board

alight well u jusst worry about a brother so hipefully hes alright

wow that was some bad typing

yeah, where did CPK go? he would ALWAYS be the first to answer any question! We should send out a search party…

quick, lets post some questions to lure him back!

I think he’s still taking the exam. Struggling with the PM part I think.

Hi TheDubs, sorry for staying away from AF for all this while, I was travelling back to my home country and just managed to get an internet connection. Getting back to NYC on 3rd Jan 08, so would be amongst all you guys then… Hope to see ALL YOU PEOPLE on L2 forum!!

wow, you’re one popular guy, Dinesh. good to have you back.