Where's my refund

For those of you that have were due a tax refund, how long did it take? It has been six weeks and I still have not received anything. I used DD last year and did the same this year. Last year, if I remember correctly, I received my refund within four weeks using DD. Are you guys experiencing similar delays? I filed April 12th.

Filed around 4/7, got the refund about 3 weeks later.

just go to irs.gov and click the icon on the right side of the main web page that say “Where’s my refund?” you should be able to get an update

Ya, you need to check the status, you probably got hosed like I did and need to send supporting information.

I filed in Feb and received my dd two weeks later.

Sh#t… I have received a refund for 5-6 years. Have been writing checks to them with every 1040.

thanks guys, I will follow up with IRS

well what happened?

The frickin idiots applied my refund for 2008 to my estimated tax for 2009. Even though I provided both my routing and account numbers as per last year. Unbelievable. Will take another 4 to 6 weeks to correct. Ridiculous

One year I was supposed to get back $234 and they sent me a check for $2.34. It took a while to get straightened out. Every person I talked to gave me a different answer for what I needed to do to get the rest of the money.

I received my tax refunds about 2.5 weeks after I filed my return Sorry to hear that they goofed on your refund, thommo77…am sure you’re not the only one that happens to, unfortunately

Thanks Numi. Yeah it happens. I guess it is better than an audit situation. Has anybody ever been audited? What is that process like?

got mine within 3 weeks, good luck

Mine took 3 weeks. I was supposed to get $131, but got $305 instead. New Canadian tax changes apparently (I forgot to include some new credits).