Where's the "Search" function?

It seems to have disappeared under the new interface.

Or am I just too stupid to see it?

Top right. Magnifying glass

…stirkethough isn’t showing up


google.com “site:analystforum.com (whatever you’re searching for)”

Always worked better than AF’s search function.

lets create a thread asking wheres the search function?

In addition to the disappeared search function, are you guys annoyed not see anymore the AF points, country, exam level, ketchup bottle, etc? I think those features helped in the study forums.

For fuck’s sake guys:


We’re actually getting things done over there.

At least AF is a little site and a not amazing search function is understandable. I still cant believe how after all these years Reddit has been able to maintain its massive user base while having such a god awful search function


Fight for the features to be back :frowning:

Sweep the Leg, Champion of the feedback forum.

That should be your title, in addition to CFA Charterholder.