So after posting horrific sample exams, I busted out with another 70 on Mock 2! Am I the only one that thought equity was unusually tough on this one? I’m rather exhausted and probably shouldn’t have taken it this late at night but I was seriously blanking on the RI and P/E stuff. Guess I know what to work on tomorrow… FI was really tough, too!

good work. out of all of the tests out there, the mocks are probably the best estimations of the difficulty of the real thing. at least certainly more indicative than the schweser exams. and you won’t be taking the real thing this late at night, so you’ll probably do even better. that’s a good way to go into saturday… mock 2 for me tomorrow.

i’m still crying over my exam 3 scores :frowning: so i am hoping you’re right cfrasf1…my mock1/2 scores were much better for some reason.

Sample exam 3 was awful - ended up with a 56 on that one!

lot of people bombed 2 and 3. and they were identical qustions from last year’s “samples”. and i am a freak. i did a search of online sample scores for 2 and 3 last year. and the reactions are very close to the reactions this year to the samples. people, even the ones that passed, were bitching about the difficulty. repeaters on the forum are saying mock 2 has identical vignettes from the ACTUAL test. is there a better indicator? i don’t think so. maybe this is all wishful thinking since i did ok on the mock too, but i’m trying to be objective about it.

cfasf1 you’ll pass for sure and thanks for the encouragement on the mock thread :slight_smile:

I just did Sample 3 and got a 67%. I think i am going to cry. that one was easier then Sample 2 but i still screwed it up. I cannot believe after so much time, money and energy I can still do so poorly. I graduated w/ highest honors in college and I cant even pass a F’ing test after 6 months of studying 2 years in a row. F@CK!!!

it’s not you…it’s the exam… take a breath - relax…30 questions is not a super example for average scores - think about it…1 more right and you would’ve passed… on d-day each question will be worth much less… just find your weak areas - focus on them for the next two days…and give it your best shot…

mumu your always there to take my gun out of my mouth…thank you…