Which Book 7 Exam should I do?

I’ve stayed away from book 7 so far, and I want to do half of one. Can anyone recommend which one (i.e. 2am, or 3pm) that isn’t too ridiculously hard, but that is a good review and is fairly representative of the actual exam? Thanks

Maybe the 2AM and 3AM are little bit less difficult…

I thought 1am had a couple useful vignettes and wasn’t too difficult. I’m taking 1pm right now and I’m getting crushed.

probably 3am or pm… i got 67 on those, so it’s not impossible. but i’ve noticed a pattern. out of the 10 vignettes in each section, there are usually 2 that make you want to quit the thing. but the others are pretty doable. so i’ve pretty much hit low to mid 70’s then go 1/6 or 2/6 on the hard vignettes to take me to mid-high 60’s. just remember to take for what it is and not flip out from the results if they happen to be a little lower than the other tests, then they are a good tool.

exam 3 am and pm killed me niceley