Which book to refer

Hello Everyone, It gimme immense peasure in congratulating all the people who have passed L2 & 3 and those who have failed,I would say please don’t loose hope as somwhere god is seeing you in pain and he will help you in next attempt. L2 & L3 passers.i am little bit confused about which book to be used in L2 to study.I have cleared my L1 using Schweser only and it was seriously having a grea8 experience. But as i read the threads posted by some of the users,I have seen people who have failed twice after using schweser in L2.I know it solely depends on your knowledge and luck while appearing for exam as no book can help you in those sessions.It’s all about how much you were able to graspp from the books. Guys,please suggest me that shall i use the CFAI text books ar schweser. Thanks for your Support in advance