Which Brokerage Account do you Reccomend?

So I want to open an account with 20K-30K for investing. I will only be investing in stocks, no trading.

It seems that Fidelity vs YouInvest from Chase (JPM) are my top choices so far.

What are the pros and cons of each.

Fidelity looks pretty solid, but it seems that with YouInvest you get access to JPM’s research. For me this is a big plus as I will be able to see analyst reports on individual stocks or industry reports.

What are your thoughts?

I’ve been very happy with fidelity. I think with that much, you should qualify for active trade pro, which gives you nice dashboard to look at stonks

What’s stonks?

Interactive brokers

I use fidelity for everything. Free trades. Free checks. 1 percent return on cash. 2 percent cash back credit card. I also use a chase account but I just use it for zelle purposes and in case I need a traditional banking services.

Stocks that perform poorly? :money_with_wings: :chart_with_downwards_trend:

TD is easy to use and cheap. Not the best research, but this is a CFA forum so…do your own.

The quality of research on this forum rivals bridgewater’s daily observations.

See: Recession baby