Only two calculator models are authorized for use during the exams: 1. Texas Instruments BA II Plus (including BA II Plus Professional) 2. Hewlett Packard 12C (including the HP 12C Platinum) Elan guide recommends using TI BA II Plus.

I’ve been using the Professional for studying. It’s pretty easy to use and it has more storage space than the Student. I’ve used both the Student and Pro and like the Pro better. Overall though for the Level 1 either one is fine (Student or Professional) from what I hear.

Both have their fans. I think the TI BA II plus is easier to work with.

I believ the PRO has certain addnl functions like computing DPB- disc payback which can come in handy

I have been using student but now that i know some of features in professional - it sounds better

I was just about to post this question, funny I have the BA II Plus right now and really like it, simple/easy to use BUT there are a couple functions that the BAII Plus PROfessional can calculate that the BAII Plus can’t so I was thinking of picking up the pro as well. Do you guys think it’s worth picking up the pro for the few extra calcuations it can do even though I already have the student? I think if you don’t have either, then you may as well buy the pro for the few extra calculations. I have not tried the 12C but I heard it is not as easy to use.

I am not sure about the difference between TI BA II plus and the professional, but I have a TI Professional. I love it… very easy to use and calculates very fast. I also have a HP12C. it is very hard to use IMO… I could never get used to the button lay out and input method…esp the NPV, TI displays Cash flows as C01,C02, C03 et(. very helpful when you are inputing mutilple cash flows) where as HP doesnt. I also think HP takes much longer in calculation than TI. IF any one is looking to buy a financial calculator I would suggest TI BA II+pro. GL Buzz

buy both…that way you will have 2 calculators going in to the exam. believe me, things happen and one can break. i learned that the hard way. i only brought the pro to the exam and as i was getting out of my car at 7 a.m. in st louis, my calc fell out and busted the screen…could only see 3 numbers. i went nuts trying to find someone who knew of a place i could get another one (wasnt gunna happen at 7 am). fortunately there was a guy inside that lent me an extra calculator that he had before the exam…saved my life. i ended up passing L1 but would never have if it wasnt for him.