Which calculator to buy ? please advice

Please go to the following link http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/104-8628831-8305557?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=TI+BA+II+Plus+Calculator+&x=23&y=9 Advice which one to buy "??? there are many Thanks

TI BA II Plus. get the professional one, amazon has a good offer http://www.amazon.com/Texas-Instruments-BA-II-Professional/dp/B0001EMLZW/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1199736189&sr=8-1

Please advice the Link to CFA policy of calculator. we can use the professional one… confirm plz

Here’s the link to the CFA site: http://www.cfainstitute.com/cfaprog/resources/examdetails/policies/calculator.html


Which calculator you think is Best HP one or TI BA Plus?

I haven’t purchased either one yet, but from all the comments on here, when I do buy one, it’ll be the TI one.

So if u havent purchased… how u studying… it wud be required to practice buddy

I haven’t started studying yet! I’m waiting for a response from the CFA Society of Colorado on the status of my scholarship–then I’ll go from there!

The TI is much easier to use than the HP in my opinion. However, the keypad on the TI is of poor quality. If I press a bunch of numbers too quickly, it usually leaves some of them out. I know a few people who have had this experience too. You have to be very careful about monitoring your input. Other than that, it is a decent calculator.

TI is easier to use than the HP, which uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notion). If you are a fan of the RPN then go for the HP otherwise go with the more user friendly TI

If your goal is to get a calculator that you will probably know how to use right away, TI is for you. If your goal is to invest in a tool that - once mastered - will make you more efficient during the exam and in the future, then go for the HP. I’ve got the HP. I took the manual to the sundeck with me one day for a few hours, and that way enough to master it. Once a few basic concepts are understood, you’ll be computing quickly in no time. The only downside now is that I get kind-of confused when using a regular calculator :wink:

Agree 100% with Ed. If you have a quantitative-oriented brain, and you’d probably know if you do, then it’s most likely worth your while to go the route of HP-12. Steeper learning curve, but RPN is very efficient when you know it. You don’t need parentheses, you can work very complicated expressions with ease. The BAII, which I’ve never used, is very user friendly, so if you want a nice display that shows you the numbers you type, and all the parentheses that you need for complicated expressions, then go for this one. As to how to practice before you have your calculator, in my case I borrowed my brother’s HP-12 for the Dec 2007 exam. However I didn’t get it from him until about 2 weeks before the exam. Prior to this I just used a regular calculator program on my computer, but I could still do everything except calculate IRR and required rates of return (You need a root-finding algorithm). Many of the financial functions can be solved by using formulae for geometric sums, eg the NPV of a 10 year annuity. If you look hard enough you might even find a freely-available financial calculator software package you can use, at least for practicing the CFA questions before you have your calculator. that way you don’t need to worry about geometric sums and whatnot.

This topic apear every almost few times a week. If you do a search, you may hit a 100 posts about on this subject. If you are planning to use Schweser study material, they recommend TI BA II Plus(Doesn’t mean the HP calculator is inferior, Schweser just don’t want to give the instructions on how to solve a problem on both the calculators).

Stratus - glad to see someone agrees :wink: As far as software calcs, check out http://www.geocities.com/dbergis/freeware.htm - I use this in place of my Windows calc. It’s essentially a software RPN calc inspired by the HP12c or something like it.

all the postings that I have read about the HP 12 C seem to illustrate that the calculator is hard to use due to the RPN mode, But the Hp 12 c calculator that I have allows me to use either the RPN or regular mode. I use the HP 12c and love it. I do not know how to use the RPN functions. I have the platimun addition 12c

agree with tbw55555. got my first HP12-C in 1984. Have travelled the world with it. Never used RPN once. Bottom line - it doesn’t matter which one you use - HP or TI. Too much time is wasted on this forum debating calculators. Thousands of people use each one and they both do the job just fine. They look different and are set up different - but they do pretty much exactly the same things. There are thousands of threads already on the issue and nothing’s changed. Stop wasting time debating - buy one - learn how to use it back to front and with your eyes closed. then pass those exams!!!

I recommend “BAII Plus Professional”. Easy to use, more functions (eg. duration) than BAII Plus. Amazon has a good deal.

I used “TI BA II Plus Professional” for my CFA-L1 and It was simply fantabolous [better than fantastic and better than fabolous] the calculator made the transition seamless from my engineering calculator “CASIO Scientific Calculator FX100”. I feel you should go for it without even giving it a 2nd though unless you are too addicted to RPN notations. - Dinesh S

Where can i buy this calculator… which will ship to middle east… i saw in Amazon… the professional one cant be shipped to middle east.