Which calculator to use? HP or TI?

just wanted to hear some opinions on the 2 calculators allowed for the exam…is one of those preferable over the other?


I’m using an HP, mainly because I got it for free. No experience with the TI, but I’ve heard it can do some statistical functions that the HP can’t.

I’m having some issues with the buttons. I know some people like the HP buttons for the audible and tactile click you get, but I’ve found that I can press just hard enough to get a click without actually registering the button. Super annoying.

TI, faster, cheaper, great built quality, easy to change battery (although I highly doubt you will have to)

Definitely TI. You can write some other professional exams with it too.

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Never used the TI but the HP 12C is pretty good. All feedback I’ve heard is that the TI is the way to go but, if you happen to find a HP 12C for a penny and are prepared to learn a bit of Reverse Polish Notation (you don’t need to use brackets - not an option on this calculator), then go ahead - they both do essentially the same thing.